Mark Grad
Dr. Sunshine Moss pictured with Mark Velez, former student and fellow first-generation college graduate

Tutoring and Consultation Services


Intensive intervention for dyslexia and reading-related difficulties. Parent education and consultations will be scheduled periodically throughout the course of tutoring.


Consultations in the areas of education, special education, Individual Education Programs, policy, literacy, and educational program development.  Consultations support families in creating an education plan and selecting an education program focused on the unique characteristics and specific needs of their child and their family.

Consultation (one hour)
Initial consultation (90 minutes)

Evaluation Services

Comprehensive Diagnostic Literacy Assessment (CDLA)

Comprehensive Diagnostic Literacy Assessment is a battery of assessments conducted to provide specific information about a child’s literacy knowledge.  This is different than psychoeducational evaluation in that the assessments in the (CDLA) provide specific information about what a child knows and can do in each area of literacy (i.e. phonemic awareness, alphabet knowledge, single and multisyllabic decoding, vocabulary, oral reading fluency, and comprehension). Whereas the purpose of a psycho-educational evaluation is to identify a disability, it does not provide information about where to begin instruction. The CDLA will pinpoint precise instructional strengths and weaknesses and how they interact to form a profile of your child as a reader.  Performance on the various subtests will be used to inform instruction in each area of literacy.

CDLA includes a complete diagnostic assessment, analysis, comprehensive written report with instructional recommendations, and 90 minute follow-up consultation.

The diagnostic assessment usually takes a total of 4 – 6 hours and is broken up into two or three sessions.

Literacy Screening

Literacy screenings serve as a critical first step in identifying students who are experiencing reading difficulties and who might need more time in instruction or different instruction altogether. Screening assessments are typically brief and last about 1 hour. Information gained from the assessment is corroborated with school progress and other reports to determine if further assessment is necessary.

Screenings take approximately one hour and are targeted to identify potential reading difficulties.  Screenings include an analysis and 90 minute consultation with parents.

If results indicate a full evaluation is warranted, a 10% discount will be applied to the price of the Comprehensive Diagnostic Literacy Assessment.

Homeschool Portfolio Evaluation

The portfolio evaluation is fun, child-centered, and engaging. Our meeting will be geared toward a celebration of what the child has learned and the family has accomplished. The meeting will last one hour and will begin with the child presenting their portfolio. We will reserve about 15 minutes at the end for parent consultation to explore questions, concerns, and goals.

Standardized Achievement Testing

Stanford Achievement Test-10

Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement

Woodcock-Johson IV Tests of Cognitive Development

Field Testing

Your child can earn compensation for participating in Field Testing of standardized assessments. You will not receive any scores. The purpose of the assessment is to create a normative sample of students from across the country. Assessments typically last one to three hours with breaks, depending on the instrument. Compensation is typically $20- $80 depending on the test. You will not receive scores. If you are interested, please complete this form.

Parent Education Services

Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops on a variety of topics including literacy, special education, education planning, academic coaching, homeschooling, assessment, curriculum mapping, and portfolio-based learning.

Parent Book Circles

Book study facilitated by Sunshine Moss. Parents engage in a deep study of a topic area through reading, activity development, and discussion. Parents walk away from each session with specific activities they can immediately do with their children at home.

* Consultations and homeschool evaluation can be scheduled in your home upon request. Additional fee applies